Attention ALL FLYERS!



On Friday February 10th, Arthur Guy requested by way of attorney, and effective immediately, that we, the Fresno Radio Modelers, discontinue use of our flying site.


The following morning, Saturday February 11th, it was discovered that the field gates had been pad locked and a makeshift "No Trespassing" sign had been posted.  Our sign at the field entrance had also been vandalized.


Therefore the FRM Flying Site will be CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.


Pending Further Notice (Please):

  • DO NOT enter the property or remove any locks or signs.
  • DO NOT attempt to make contact with any member or representative of the Guy family.


A member and representative of the Fresno Radio Modelers has meet with an attorney and is working to resolve this situation as soon as possible. 



Thank You FRM Members for Your cooperation

Sincerely, Bryan Freeman

FRM President.

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