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Sat Mar 28, 2015 @ 9:00AM -
T-34 Race
Sat Apr 11, 2015 @ 9:00AM -
Oval Track Race
Sat Apr 11, 2015 @ 9:00AM - 12:00AM


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cr2k: Under info on the top menu bar, but it is the old one...I will send the current bylaws to Mike to replace the old ones.
warks62: Hello all I am going to the ANA show this Sat. looking for someone that wants to share in the gas? Let me know.
warks62: Sorry AMA Convention Show in Ontario.
Guest_3372: Does anyone in the club have a Blade 120 helo? I sold mine and discovered some spare parts I don't need. Yours for the asking.
grsuper90: POC for the Jan 24th Kami-Krazy is listed on 2015 schedule as Dale Superman. No one on roster by that name, so who is the contact for this event? I'm new so if the name is an inside joke, I don't know it.
frcm: grsuper90, it's Dale Soutas aka Dale Superman
grsuper90: Thank you!
cr2k: Roster Updated!
doplanb: Go to under "Upcoming Events; Kami-Crazy Fresno Combat" to make sure event is not rescheduled due to weather. We can use plenty of help: Pilot Judges, Raffle and Paintball Shoot helpers. Raffling: OS15LA, OS25FX, Battle Axe and Lethal Weapon combat kits, Futaba & Spectrum receivers, Props & more... Paintball shoot will be after lunch break from 1-2pm. If you have questions or can be there to help email me directly:
cr2k: In just a few days (2/1/2015) Renewal dues must include the $5 late fee. After Feb 28 roster will be purged. Please include SASE for return of your validated AMA card.
cr2k: Non renewal list will be posted at the field on March 1st. If you need time call me by and we can work it out.
cr2k: feb 28th.
cr2k: By Feb 28th.
cr2k: Fees are waived for youth members BUT I must have some indication they wish to remain on the roster.
jdcook54: when is the first float fly for 2015
jdcook54: Is it always the first wednesday in april
cr2k: Yeppers it is. April 1st and I'm not foolin'
cr2k: Chili dogs too!
cr2k: Mike Walsh Memorial Float Fly, Dog Show and SCUBA dive is First Saturday in May.
whallier45@comcast.n: Anybody see the TV coverage of the Kami-Krazy combat event?
frcm: just for fun, there is a poll at the bottom right...check it out :)
dwhall47: Craig..will you again be demonstrating your underwater quad flying technique? Maybe we could get some underwater shots this year if we have scuba divers ready with cameras.
zx1ninja: Any update on updated By-Law posting?
cr2k: Dave No!
f4u: ;) :P :D :| :S :S 8) :_( :-* :-*
f4u: I :( ;) :P :P
frcm: Hi Craig, were you able to receive the "test mass mail" i sent?
cr2k: Yes. What happened to the roster link?
george: Help, I need the new roster with phone numbers. :S :S :S :S O.O O.O O.O
frcm: Roster link is at the bottom under MORE.
zx1ninja: Is there an estimate as to when the current by-laws will be posted?
cr2k: ninja...I will work on this.
Guest_8357: Hoping to become a Non-Flying Member soon! Missing seeing all of you guys! School and Work have kept me VERY busy. Just messaged Craig about becoming a Non-Flying Member! Hope to see you guys tomorrow working on the tables! :)
cr2k: Cole...You can use your regular log on.
cr2k: Latest PAID roster uploaded. Check it out There may be some names missing you would not have thought.

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