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Sat Oct 25, 2014 @ 9:00AM - 05:00PM
Pattern Finals
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Pattern Finals
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cr2k: Dave, I don't k now how the respond to that other than.....MIKE?
xhueydriver: craig, thanks again for all the club effort you put out.....its not going un noticed
frcm: Dave, the "FRM Roster" link is visible when not logged in and gone when you login?
cr2k: Looks like the next FRM group campout is at the Jet Rally.
Guest_6745: FRMC: Yes, under the main menu, the roster is visible if you're not logged in...when you log in, "quips" is the last item in the list that is visible.
dwhall47: Hey Craig...have you been up to the lake recently? Can we fly Wednesday?
cr2k: Big lake even when low, always some place to fly, getting to it is another question.
cr2k: LAKE DAY tomorrow. We may be able to get to the sand island. Have 4X4 will tow if you need it.
cr2k: I have a few leftover dogs, not too many, who's bringing dogs and buns? I have the condiments.
cr2k: Millerton is currently at 43%. Who's in for tomorrow?
Guest_3951: I'll be there Craig, and will bring the dogs and buns...
Guest_3951: Oh..and hot dogs too.
dwhall47: Not sure if Frank is coming...I emailed him earlier but haven't heard...
HWF: Ill be there but will be later I have an appt.
frcm: Dave, r u using a pc, tablet or cp? try to clear your cache and delete your history.
cr2k: Mike we think we have it figured out. He was logging in at the top of the page not below the shoutbox.
frcm: alryt! tnx Craig
cr2k: So I am guessing the Float Fly set for the 17th is not going to happen. This is the last day to get the field ready for the Jet Rally.
cr2k: FLOAT FLIERS.....How about we move the 3rd Wed Float Fly to Tuesday the 16th? That way we can still help prep for the Jet Rally.
cr2k: FRM Group camping at the Jet Rally! Starting on Thursday the 17th.
cr2k: Don't forget this weeks FUN Meeting is going to held at the field.
cr2k: Chili Dogs on Tuesday, I got everything.
cr2k: Everything but onions! Can someone bring a chopped onion?
dwhall47: Craig...can't make it tomorrow...have fun...hope you get your chopped onions!
cr2k: Well I guess no lake tomorrow. :(
cr2k: Wow, Millerton is at 36% with over 1100 cfs going out and 367 coming in.
cr2k: I totally understand Bobby not wanting to have to do the Swap Meet right now. In that light I will facilitate it's happening. It will go on at it's scheduled time and date.
cr2k: FLOAT FLY Wednesday! I have 8 dogs, 8 buns and a can of chili. Someone want to bring some onions?
cr2k: Float Fly Roll Call....
cr2k: Dig around in your garage/hobby shed and dust off some stuff to bring to the swap meet on Saturday!
frcm: website generates too many cache files, still trying to figure out how to disable/delete it. our hosting suspended the acct because of it...
cr2k: Firewood delivered today!
cr2k: Next Sat (Pattern Finals) the AMA Dist 10 VP will present our 15 year Leader Club Award! Someone contact the news media, this should go a long way towards our noise fight!
frcm: Craig, can someone take pictures on this 15 year presentationt? I will be at LA on that weekend.
cr2k: Mike, I hope so. I think Bill will be there or at least I will ask him when I see him.
cr2k: ANTONE UP FOR ONE MORE FLOAT FLY? It would be next Wednesday as our last float fly of the year.

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