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T-34 Race

seasons ever.  Many of our past sponsors are joining us again as well as some new ones.  I look forward to another great year of racing.

The 2012 Triangle Series will be a new experience for everyone.   We have combined the World Models T-34 classes with some of the coolest and fastest Warbirds in the United States.   If you want to race, this is your series.   There is virtually a class for all experience levels of pilots.

The Classes for 2012 will be as follows:

*T-34 Mentor - Bronze (Novice), Silver (Open w/ prop restrictions) and Gold

(O.S. 46AX Engine and Thunder Tiger Pro .46 Engines only)

-    All Races Morgan Hill, Salinas & Fresno

*Unlimited Warbird* - (square inch wing area versus engine displacement – no breakout times)

Fresno & Morgan Hill Races Only

*46 Warbird* - (475 sq. in or bigger w/ .46 engine)

-    Salinas Race Only

Please refer to all the rules, guidelines and procedures for class specifications available at

The 2012 season is going to have a fresh new look.   Racers are going to be able to enjoy the close racing and tough competition of the T-34 classes, followed by the scale resemblance of the Warbird class. We will host four races this year that will determine the Championship Point Series for T-34 Silver & Gold and Unlimited Warbird which should yield some great prizes.    The last and final race of the year will be a two day with lots of racing.

The Unlimited Warbird Class has new rules.   Aircraft will be based on the wing area/engine displacement guidelines and should follow and allow those running in the SAM and RC Pro divisions to race.  There will be no breakout times.

The T-34 will be primarily the same with the addition of the use of the Thunder Tiger Pro Engines.  You can now use O.S. or ThunderTiger engines.With the new classes; Bronze, Silver and Gold, should make for a great time.  The Bronze (Novice Class) and Silver Class will be restricted to complete stock airframes within the rules and with APC 10 X 5 Propellers *
only*.  Anyone wanting to fly Silver is allowed.  The Gold class will remain the same as in previous years.  Please refer to the 2012 Class Rules and Guidelines.

I would like to welcome some current sponsors at this time.   We are adding more every week.   The following companies and individuals are supporting the races. If you see them or talk to them, please thank them.

Here are the current sponsors:

AirBorne Models / The World Models

APC Props / Landing Products

Norred Aero Products

O.S. Engines / Hobbico

Bob Smith Industries

Horrizon Hobby

Y.S. Parts & Performance

Salinas Area Modelers

Fresno Radio Modelers

Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark

RCATS Systems


Each individual race will be run under the same format.   Each race will consist of four qualifying rounds and a trophy race.   The final race of the year will consist of eight qualifying rounds and trophy races.  Each race will award trophies or plaques for 1st thru 3rd places in each class based on the results of the trophy races and in T-34 Gold and Unlimited Warbird, we will also have a Top Qualifier Award for the most points earned in the qualifying rounds prior to the trophy races. All the points earned in the trophy races and qualifying rounds will be added to the overall total for the Championship Series.

At the end of the year, those who have the highest total of points will be awarded for their accomplishment.   Championship Series winners in T-34 Silver, Gold and Unlimited Warbird will be awarded with trophies 1st through 3rd and prizes as allowed.  The prize value in each class will be determined by Sponsorships.  Unlimited will yield a higher value in prizes for 1st thru 3rd followed by T-34 Gold and T-34 Silver.

How do you get started or what do you need to do?

For everyone who is going to be participating in the Triangle Series Races, here is what you need to do. All rules, procedures & guidelines, event flyers, event registration Forms and much more can be found on our website, or .   If you have a question or need more info concerning the Triangle Series, you can always send us an
 email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   Joe and I will be checking these on a regular basis.

*Special Offer for Future, Current and Past Racers***

Norred Aero Products and our sponsors have offered us a one-time discount savings on O.S. Engines and World Models T-34’s.   This is a great opportunity to stock up for a busy season. These savings are *HUGE* and you are not going to want to pass this up.   Currently, retail price on O.S. Engines is $150.00 + tax and shipping and the current retail price on World
 Models T-34’s is $140.00 + tax and shipping.    If you are interested, all orders need to be prepaid by February 8th thru Norred Aero Products.  Do not contact the sponsors direct.  All material will be ordered and delivered to me the following week. Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for pricing and orders.

*2012 Triangle Series Race Schedule*

March 31, 2012               Fresno, CA                   Unlimited Warbird& All T-34 Classes only

June 9, 2012                   Morgan Hill, CA             Unlimited Warbird & All T-34 Classes only

*Rescheduled from May 5th

August 11, 2012             Salinas, CA                    46 Warbird & All T-34 Classes only

October 13-14, 2012        Morgan Hill, CA             Unlimited Warbird &All T-34 Classes only

Important Contact Info for racers:

*Norred Aero Products*
(World Models Kits & Parts, APC Props, BSI Adhesives and Allen Head Servo Screws)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (408) 482-5437

*Y.S. Parts & Performance*
(Y.S. Engine Parts and Service)  - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or (775) 267-9252

*Central Hobbies*
(Y.S. Engines, Tetra Seamless Fuel Tanks, Control Horns and much more) or 1-800-723-5937

*RCAT Systems*
(Telemetry Systems, Glo Drivers and much more)  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   (408) 292-3100

*Airborne Models*
(U.S. Distributor for World Models and Wings Maker A.R.F. kits) or (925) 371-0922

*APC Props / Landing Products*
(Manufacturer of APC Composite Props) or (530) 661-0399

*Tower Hobbies *
(U.S. Retailer for O.S. Engines, ThunderTiger Engines and Futaba Radio Gear) or 1(800) 637-6050

*Bob Smith Industries*
(Manufacturer of Adhesives for the R/C Industry) or (805) 466-1717

*Horizon Hobby*
(U.S. Retailer for JR Radios, Spektrum Radios and much more)

*RC Accents*
(Manufacturer for Servo Testers and miscellaneous electronic equipment)

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f4u: Talk about good times at the lake I remember when we had 15 to 20 flyer & tri tip & no dogs :(
cr2k: Dogs are cheaper than Tri-Tip. Unless someone wants to bring Tri-Tip every time.
HWF: If you do bring Tri-Tip it will be eaten. like in the past. NOW the dogs are good as they are the future, Like the Dog day's of summer. (?)
HWF: Thank You Craig for always bring the Boat and what we need to make it a fun fly.
HWF: F4u so no tri-tip. Thank you Craig for always bring the boat and what we need to have fun!
f4u: HWF Why don't you bring the tri-tip. & not dogs :D (?)
HWF: f4u who are you, wait are you the one they call whiner or one of the 7 dwarfs Tri-tip or dogs WHOM Dogs. Future dogs and chili. besides if you if you don't like float flying why would you care if there is dogs or tri-tip
cr2k: OK, Bogie loves the lake!
HWF: f4u there are no plates at the lake. BUT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY BRING THE DOGS.
f4u: I will bring MAX . this Wednesday & see who the whiner are if we are having a dog show (?) (?)
cr2k: We have been having Costco dogs but if you want to go to FoodMax that's fine too.
cr2k: I bring the boat and the condiments,
HWF: Is Max a hotdog that you eat are you even talking about food or what. no more talk . you make no sense.
f4u: You would have a hard time eating MAX ' We will talk sense a the lake.
HWF: I will get the dogs Craig when we know how many
cr2k: Who is going to the lake this week?
cr2k: Lake is going down. More than 2x out flow then inflow. 57% of capacity right now.
frcm: Kami-Krazy Combat scheduled this july 19 needs help, manpower help. Contact Dale for details
xhueydriver: count me in (early)
cr2k: Count you in for? Lake or combat?
cr2k: So far we have at least 4 confirmed.
cr2k: Hankins? Milt? Warren?
cr2k: Dave?
cr2k: Frank?
xhueydriver: frank....yes
xhueydriver: sorri........frank yes
xhueydriver: dave is busy with client and can't mak it tomorrow
cr2k: Rob and I are meeting for breakfast, again, at Sandals on the Beach at 8am.
cr2k: Should only top out at about 90 by the time we leave. Normal wind pattern. Lake is at 57%. Probably go past the island were it's flatter.
cr2k: Wednesday was another great day at the lake!
xhueydriver: yup
cr2k: Next one on the 6th of August. We have a 2 week break. But the boat is there for all if ya wanna go.
cr2k: Roster Updated
frcm: Roster pw added

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